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One of my favorite films is the 1983 classic 'Wargames' - I'm sure that most of you know the synopsis, but for those of you that are not familiar with it, a teenager called David Lightman is looking for a videogame company which is about to release some new games. David decides to sequentially dial (with his computer and modem) all the prefixes in the area that the company operates and logging anything that answers with a carrier tone.

The result is that he finds a few interesting numbers (Pan-Am & a bank) then he stumbles upon a mystery system. Eventually, he manages to gain access only to discover that things are not quite what they seem....this is no videogame company, it is in fact the US Military. Unbeknown to David, the game he has been playing on the system could result in dire consequences for everyone unless it is somehow stopped.


David and Jennifer


Ok, I'm not the best at summarizing movies, but then again, I really don't want to spoil it too much for those of you that haven't seen it.


Back to the point in question - in the late 90's there was a rather nice tribute site to the film that lived at "". This stood on that address for a number of years, until pretty recently, it became another dead link on the 'net.


I often used to check back to this site, partly for nostalgia and partly to see if anything had been updated (I don't think it ever was after 1997!). The author must have put a lot of work in creating the site,especially grabbing all the pictures and content that is there, so it seems a shame that this site should perish into the black hole of the internet and never to be seen properly online again. I hear a lot of you saying "but what about the internet archive?" and yes, I am aware of this and the site is on there, but the internet archive adds an annoying banner and is rather slow - so you are viewing it as a snapshot in time, not as a live site.


From a partial snag I did of the site a few years ago (and a little help from the wayback machine) I have put this site back on the 'net for all to see and enjoy properly once more (link below). A lot of the external links are dead, but I have left them as is.

Please note: I am not claiming any ownership of the site or content, but if the original Author is reading this, drop me a line via the forum (or leave a message below) and we can discuss if you want me to leave it up on here or you want to take ownership of it again.


Please do take a look at it and I hope it gives you that warm, fuzzy nostalgia feeling that I get every time I look at it. Lets just say thanks to the author for the site and lets hope he drops by soon!



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