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Exciting news! We have just launched a section called (beta) !

This is where you can upload your video's for the world to see. If you are uploading directly, your files must be in .mp4 or .flv format (and you can supply your own thumbnail). If you are unsure of how to get to this format, please use one of the excellent video sharing sites such as youtube or metacafe and link to that instead of uploading - the choice is entirely yours Smile

So, you may be thinking "Hmmm, what shall I upload?" - Well, to make things easier, it will be better to state what you can't upload. These are:

  • Porn
  • *Really* sick stuff - you know what we mean!
  • Anything which is likely to offend any minority group

NOTE! Failure to respect these terms WILL result in your details (IP address etc) being passed onto the relevant authorities in our and your jurisdiction - yes, we really do have your details, so phear! If you spot anything that you are not happy with in the videos, please drop a line to: abuse [at] breadbin64 [dot] com - We always take this issue seriously and rely on the users to assist us in making this a safe place for everyone.

On a lighter are pretty free to upload what *safe* things you like - C64/128 stuff, General Commodore things, your programming efforts, some SID music, interviews with relevant people. It doesn't have to be all Commodore either! Maybe you have a cool game on another system(old/new) that you want to show? Maybe you want to show the world your tricks on Modern Warfare 2? It's all good, so bring them in.

If any new categories need adding, please suggest them somewhere in the forums.

Well, Have fun!




Where is the minichat?


Don't panic! Minichat is still here, only now its members only, so please register (free!) or sign in.

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