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Following on from the success of his 2010 C64 calendar, the talented (and not to mention creative) José Zanni of Retroinvaders has now released his 2011 calendar which is available for free download in pdf format. As usual, he has made it in many regional variations, including editions with different language and week layouts.


We are hosting both English versions (Sun-Sat & Mon-Sun) but please do visit the Retroinvaders site where you can read the retrogaming blog of an old-skool gamer Smile


Hopefully soon we can get a few minutes to have a chat with José. Until then, we say a big thank-you to José and look forward to the 2012 edition!




C64 2011 Calendar (Mon-Sun) - breadbin64

C64 2011 Calendar (Sun-Sat) - breadbin64



Retroinvders - External Link

More versions the C64 Calendar at Retroinvaders - External Link

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